Liner Replacement

pool liner replacement inground latham zep okanagan penticton

Project completed by Zep Okanagan included:

  • Pressure test pool lines

  • Return line re-plumb from pool to equipment room

  • New Liner install

  • New Liner track

  • Extensive repair to pool bottom 

  • Stegmeier Coping

  • New Concrete Deck poured

  • Shallow and Deep End Ladder installed

We supply and install custom fitted pool liners for any shape or size of pool.  Our professionals offer the highest quality of installation available. Not a drop of water will be put into your pool without a perfect fit prior to filling.


We inspect and repair all types of pool bottoms before liner is installed ensuring longer life for your investment.  Our professionals spend extra time on prep work before the liner is installed.  With every job we install new faceplates and use new stainless steel hardware.


We also install new liner tracking and different coping options to turn your old pool into a stunning, new looking pool.  We have many different decking options available as well.