Renovations & Repairs

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Project completed by Zep Okanagan included:

  • Pressure testing return and skimmer lines

  • Cut concrete deck and dig trenches for new plumbing

  • Complete upgraded re-plumb of 2" sch 40 pipe from both skimmers to equipment room

  • Backfill trenches then tie in rebar and concrete deck pour

  • Complete re-plumb of equipment room

  • Install new heat exchanger on existing heater

Leaking Pool or Spa...  We can help!


Have our professionals find and fix your leaking pool or spa.  We offer services right from repairing liners to full skimmer and return line replacements.  If your pool or spa is losing water we will find the leak and give you the best solution to fix the problem.



- Pressure Testing Plumbing

- Re-Plumbing of Pool and Spa

- Replacing Skimmers and Return Fittings

- Painting Concrete Pools

- Acid Washing Plaster

- Plaster Repair

- Liner Patching

- Liner Replacement

- Coping Replacement

- New Equipment Installation