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 Zep Aviation Certified Products

Safety comes first in aviation, and for over 75 years Zep has delivered reliability by cleaning and maintaining airplanes and airport facilities. We provide military and commercial aviation mil-spec products that are verified through rigorous third party testing. We are committed to providing you with compliant products that deliver results in and outside the airplane and your facilities.

Zep Okanagan offers a “First Class” line of: Cleaners, Polishes, Disinfectants, Lavatory cleaners & Deodorants, Cabin Air Fresheners, Corrosion inhibiting compound (CIC) removers, and Lubricants and Greases to meet your maintenance and appearance needs. We are here to help you protect your investments and improve your overall operations.

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Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 80% Ethyl Alcohol              07-7367 (100ml) 07-7366 (500ml) 07-7362 (1L) 07-7364 (4L)

Antibacterial Alcohol Hand Sanitizer with premium skin conditioners and moisturizers.

(NPN # 80098871) For personal hand hygiene to help prevent the spread of bacteria.

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