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Commercial Cleaning Solutions


Why does Zep Okanagan offer you the largest range of cleaning and maintenance products available? Very simple, we want you to have exactly the right products for each of your toughest challenges.

We specialize in the following industries, absorbents, air care, automotive wash and maintenance, carpet care, cleaners, degreasers, disinfectants, drain and grease care, food retail and processing, glass cleaners, hand care, hard floor care, insecticides, laundry chemical, lubricants, penetrates, parts washer solution, polishes, pressure washing, restroom care, specialty chemical, food & beverage, and commercial equipment


Cleaner, safer classrooms, facilities, and buses improve student attendance and lower school operating costs. Zep Okanagan provides cost-effective, sustainable products that include: Green Seal® certified products, hard surface cleaners, disinfectants, degreasers, floor care, hand care, odor control, chemical management systems, ground maintenance, and vehicle maintenance. These solutions are in a class by themselves, safe and effective.

Food Processing

With food-related illness on the rise, Zep Food Sanitation helps ensure a hygienic environment with cleaning and sanitizing solutions.


Nothing is more critical than food sanitation.  Fortunately, you can address the issue head-on with Zep Products designed specifically to meet the needs of the Food Processing and Food Preparation industries.

Industrial & Manufacuring

Nothing keeps the wheels of industry running smoothly and efficiently like Zep's leading lubricants, penetrants, adhesives, and greases. We have delivered quality industrial products for over 75 years. Our Industrial maintenance products can be used in a variety of industrial market segments.

Vehicle Care

When appearance and performance matter, why not go to the leading provider of vehicle wash and maintenance products in the industry? We can help you deliver clean vehicles that run efficiently. Zep Okanagan offers a “Best in Class” line of: detergents, shampoos, protectants and dressings, fragrances, brake cleaners, lubricants and greases to meet your vehicle appearance and maintenance needs. We are here to help you protect your investments and improve your overall operations.

 Aviation Certified Products

Safety comes first in aviation, and for over 75 years Zep has delivered reliability by cleaning and maintaining airplanes and airport facilities. We provide military and commercial aviation mil-spec products that are verified through rigorous third party testing. We are committed to providing you with compliant products that deliver results in and outside the airplane and your facilities.

Zep Okanagan offers a “First Class” line of: Cleaners, Polishes, Disinfectants, Lavatory cleaners & Deodorants, Cabin Air Fresheners, Corrosion inhibiting compound (CIC) removers, and Lubricants and Greases to meet your maintenance and appearance needs. We are here to help you protect your investments and improve your overall operations.

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